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Terms and Conditions

This document is the official Terms and Conditions governing this website

These terms and conditions govern all assets, media, static files, subdomains and domains associated with Richard Kerr and Richard Kerr Racing.


Richard Kerr Racing is the terms that defines the sports team that Richard Kerr operates under. The name Richard Kerr Racing is not a reference to a registered company henceforth shall not be trated or governed as such.

Bob Wylie Racing is the 'vanity' alias that Bob Wylie (Individual) operates under. It is in no way a registed company and shall not be governed or trated as such.

Terms and Conditions

1. The Richard Kerr Racing website was designed and developed by Ross MacPhee. The website itself wasn't copied from anywhere, so in the case it does pose a likeness to any separate website, Ross MacPhee and Richard Kerr Racing shall not be held accountable for any claim of copyright infringement. If a claim does arise we reserve the right to challenge this claim along with any DMCA request that may occur.

2. All images used on this website are governed under their own copyright. Each image has been provided by their representative, individual owners. If you wish to use and image, please contact their representative owner, else contact us or just avoid using that specific image.

3. The Richard Kerr Racing logo is owned by Richard Kerr and in no way should be edited or redistributed. The logo in which case can be used for Wikipedia, for an article, as long as the article is of a neutral point of view. Along with this the logo can be resized or edited if to be used in a Wikipedia article(s).

4. All information that was provided externally from this website may not be 100% accurate, so in which case Richard Kerr Racing and Ross MacPhee shall not be held responsible for this 'False' information.

4,1. All internal information may not be 100% accurate, although we try not to provide 'False' information it may happen. We apologise if this is at your expense, please don't hesitate to contact us to resolve this issue.

5. This website will be governed under europian web law. So if any issue arises, it shall be treated under these laws.

6. Ross MacPhee and Richard Kerr ['Racing'] reserve the right to the Richard Kerr Racing website design, layout and assets. This includes the official Richard Kerr Racing logo(s) and files. The logo itself is originally owned by Richard Kerr, although Ross MacPhee has been granted an exclusive licence to edit and display the logo, but not to redistribute it.

7. Any image that appears on this website with Richard Kerr, His bike or his team in it, is allowed to be shown without a watermark as these images have been purchased and paid for. In no way can you claim against this, as we will treat this as a fraudulent attempt to steal money from Richard Kerr and his sports team Richard Kerr Racing.

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